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Optimize PC health

The more often you use your PC, the greater is the necessity of optimizing it. As we constantly use our machines, they tend to store a lot of unwanted information that clogs the system’s memory and performance. Thus, your computer machine needs routine tweaking and tune up for better performance.

How frequently should you check with your PC’s health?

Though many experts have recommended tuning up at regular intervals, you can start system optimization any time you find these symptoms:

• PC speed has decreased considerably
• Boot up errors
• Slow shutdowns
• Crawling browser
• Abruptly your PC restarts while you are working
• Unable to save large file or e-mail etc

Though you can very well estimate the time period after your first PC tuning, you can also seek guidance from Ask PC Experts to set an annual PC optimization routine for you at very affordable rates! You can also follow a few tune-up tips recommended by Ask PC Experts to keep your system in good shape:

Use ScanDisk utility: If you are using Windows 98 or Me then ScanDisk tool can identify bad sectors as well as automatically fix file system errors. Click on Start->Programs->Accessories-> System Tools-> ScanDisk and select the ‘Thorough’ option. Then click Start and at the prompt let ScanDisk automatically fix any errors it finds.

To scan a disk in Windows 2000 and XP, right-click the drive's icon in Windows Explorer or any folder window and select Properties->Tools->Check Now. Also, choose this option- ‘Automatically fix file system errors’ and click Start.

Keep your drivers updated: It is a good practice to update your drivers regularly as they prevent your system from device conflicts or crashes. You can use the Windows Device Manager to check which hardware doesn’t have drivers, which ones are yet to be updated, which drivers to add to the system and which ones are to be deleted etc.

Clean Windows Registry: Registry stores all useless information. Thus, by deleting the invalid links, unwanted or corrupt file names stored, you can enhance your PC’s performance. You can use a third party tool for cleaning the registries.

Defragment your hard disk: As you go on saving files on your computer’s hard disk, it stores fragments of your files i.e. stores small pieces of your file at various locations. This piles up and causes your applications to slow down as the memory takes longer to read the files when recalled by the user. Windows Disk Defragmenter reorganizes your data into easy-to-read blocks for the memory. But before defragmenting your drive, close all applications and deactivate hibernate or sleep mode of your computer as this process runs overnight! Close all background programs as well, including your firewall, antivirus software, and screen saver for better results!

Delete Temporary files and cache: If you are surfing too much of web pages, regularly delete the temporary files, cache and cookies that accumulate on your browser. By deleting this unwanted data, you can enhance your browser speed!

If these tips do not help, you can undoubtedly consult the tech support team of Ask PC Experts. You can sign up for annual PC optimization as a single PC user or under the small business plan that recommends minimum five computers on a network.

They offer unrestricted troubleshooting services with advanced system optimization, protection and back up along with installations of 50 plus system utilities. All these for just $99.95 a year for individual users! For a network of five computers, you can subscribe at just $169.95 a year! Isn’t this deal worth a try?

For system tweak and tune-up specific troubleshooting, you can avail incidental plans. Ask PC Experts has been delivering technical solutions through e-mail, chat, phone or remote computer support. Remote or online computer support makes use of screen-sharing technology that helps the technicians to fix your system. To know more about their troubleshooting methodologies, you can visit their website or call their tech support at 1-888-889-335.
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