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Hewlett Packard support

Finally, you have purchased your HP Touch Smart desktop after a long search about the best computer brand that would snug into your needs! Now, you may be fiddling with a few installation procedures and may be digging a few resources or manuals to know where to install what. If you are looking for a reasonable HP professional support service, then this is the right place!

Generally, a professional HP support would cost you a fortune for small issues like operating system re-installation, virus removal, driver upgrades, e-mail set-up, network configurations and so on. The current economic situation across the world is such that you need affordable and quality services that do not dig a big hole in your pocket!

Ask PC Experts is a Microsoft certified team of PC technicians who believes in delivering quality, accurate and affordable HP support services for users across the United states, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe. Through live pc troubleshooting, e-mail, chat or phone, you can get the convenience of seeking troubleshooting services irrespective of where you are located!

The HP support services include troubleshooting Internet problems, setting up networks, HP peripheral support for scanner, printer, digital camera or MP3 Player, computer optimization, e-mail back up and much more. Ask PC Experts can make the installation and set up of your new machine easier and affordable. You can sign up for yearly or incidental plan. As a single PC user, if you subscribe to yearly plan- for just $99.95 a year you get unrestricted access to troubleshooting services with advanced PC optimization, back up and protection. Anytime throughout the year you can make use of their technical troubleshooting services. You also get free installations of more than 50 system utilities. The same annual benefits you can get for a network of five computers at just $169.95!

You can also opt for incidental HP support plan which is priced at just $39.95 for individual users whereas for small businesses, the plan will cost just $89.95 for minimum five PCs. However, in case of incidental plan, you need to pay per problem.

Whichever plan you choose, you can stay free from worries as the tech support team of Ask PC Experts will deliver their best solutions to solve your complex PC issues. For more details, you can visit their website or call their tech support team at toll free number 1-888-889-335.
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