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E-mail Set up and repair

E-mail clients have gained popularity amongst office users as it helps in effective mail management. E-mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc are been widely used by many. They help you in organizing your mail according to senders or date, filter your important e-mail from spam, lets you schedule your tasks, make notes, send automated response when you are unavailable and much more. The one benefit that many users enjoy is that an e-mail client lets you to download e-mail to your computer and allows you to access your e-mail offline.

If you are setting up your new e-mail account in Outlook or Outlook Express, ensure that you enter the proper POP and SMTP server settings that help you to receive and send e-mail respectively. Say, you have an e-mail account with Hotmail, when you configure your Hotmail e-mail account with Outlook use POP and SMTP server settings of Hotmail account only. If you use these server settings of your other e-mail account such as your G-mail, your account will not be able to send or receive e-mail.

Moreover, while sending or receiving any e-mail through an e-mail client, always stay connected to your Internet. If your Internet is not properly configured or is not working, this too causes problems while sending or receiving e-mail through any e-mail client.

Apart from send/receive problems, at times your Outlook Express or Outlook may behave in a weird manner. It may shut down on its own, some of its file may get corrupted and thus you will be unable to use the e-mail client for accessing your e-mail. Such could be a case, if a virus attack has infected your e-mail-client. In such case, check if any of your known contacts have received an e-mail from you asking them to click on an unknown link. Though this e-mail has not been sent by you, the virus automatically sends e-mail to your known ones to spread on other networks. Try using latest and updated security programs on your computer to scan your computer regularly and remove such harmful viruses.

Like these there are many such issues that you may face with your e-mail client, From setting up your e-mail account to creating new profiles, changing passwords to setting up rules; Ask PC Experts can assist you with solutions for any complications. The tech support team of Ask PC Experts also helps you in resolving send/receive errors such as:

Error 0x800CCC0D: In most cases, this error occurs due to incorrect user account settings.

Error 0x80042108: Occurs due to incorrect POP and SMTP settings

Error 0x800ccc0b: Occurs when your e-mail client is unable to send your login details to the mail server along with your e-mail.

Your e-mail client may also generate errors that may be due to improper newsgroup settings, incorrect POP and SMTP settings, large incoming e-mail, password and authentication issues, user account set-up problems or internet connectivity issues. The technicians of Ask PC Experts let you solve all such problems instantly through remote computer support , e-mail, chat or phone. You can simply dial their tech support team at toll free number 1-888-889-335 or visit their website to subscribe to their customized plans for single PC users and small businesses.
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