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If you are worried about the frequent Blue screens, browser hiccups or any other applications issues, Ask PC Experts is there to take care of it! Ask PC Experts is a dedicated team of Microsoft/Red Hat/CISCO certified technicians who deliver fast and effective solutions to computer users across Europe, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Troubleshooting services are delivered through e-mail, phone, chat or live pc troubleshooting.

You could subscribe as a single PC user or as a network of minimum five computers. There are two kinds of plans- annual and incidental. If you sign up for an annual plan as an individual, you get unlimited access to troubleshooting services for a year plus advanced system protection and PC optimization throughout 365 days for a single time payment of $99.95 only! While for small businesses- a minimum of five computers is mandatory in a network and the yearly subscription is for $169.95 only with other benefits.

Incidental plans or pay as you go packages for individuals is for $39.95 and for small businesses, it is priced at $89.95! For more details you can reach the technical support team at toll free number 1-888-889-3335 for anytime assistance or visit their website to subscribe online.

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